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I live in Denmark and work globally. For the past 20 years I have worked with creating remarkable products and services in the digital space.

As an avid gamer I like to look at things from a core game play perspective. I believe pretty much everything that makes us take action can be boiled down to a few core game mechanics.

One of the core mechanics of creating great products is to figure out what people want and why. Often when it’s hard to get good ROI on marketing or demand becomes sluggish. Then it’s because the core mechanics of the game have changed or been ignored.

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Jesper is a serial entrepreneur and Internet OG with a lot of experience in creating products and services in the digital space. He has liked strategy and adventure games since childhood. He uses what he has learned from gaming and launching products to help others in the online space.


Jesper is incredible when it comes to taking abstract online stuff and putting it into one single, followable step-by-step roadmap with a focus on getting results quickly and efficiently. - Camilla Nymann, Agency Owner

I believe the future belongs to brands who wish to be something for someone.


Jesper is a great sparring partner. Jesper is quick to understand your business and goes straight to the point about what you want. He also looks out for future opportunities and challenges you with ideas that can help your business in the future. - Helle Svensson, Financial Advisor and Public Speaker

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